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The Phoenix Deck

What it is... and what not | for professional magicians | for magic effect creators | Phoenix Double-Deckers | Phoenix Parlour Decks | Card Quality Comparison

Congratulations, you found the site for all information about the Phoenix Deck. Are you a professional or hobby magician who likes to use Bicycle playing cards but is open minded for a new era? For many years the quality of Bicycle cards has lacked. And there are limitations of Bicycle cards for us magicians, as US Playing Card Company stopped allowing any changes to their trademarks. Are you looking for a high quality alternative to Bicycle Decks? Do you want to extend your possibilities in card magic? 

Then read further, these pages are just for you. As the Bicycle Deck is a Poker deck that is used by magicians, the Phoenix Deck is a deck for magicians that can also be used for Poker playing. This is a fine but important difference. The Phoenix Deck started in 2009 as a new concept in card magic. Since then all major trick decks were produced to complete the range of necessary decks for magicians, but several times we went further ahead and created tricks under the Phoenix brand that were not possible before. Read more about what the Phoenix Deck is... and what it is not.

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